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New York 99
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Suntrek-Tour 99

© Alexander 
Schulze Zumkley
Stand: 9.1.2000

USA-Vacation and Suntrek West coast Tour 1999


Her is a collection of some pictures from my after-examination-three-weeks-holiday-tour to the US in August / September 1999.

New York pictures

I started in New York, where I visited my brother, who was living and working there for the summer.

Boston pictures

Then I went to Boston to visit two friends who were/are living there: Leigh from Huntsville, Alabama and Karin from Germany.

San Francisco pictures

After one more day in New York I flew to San Francisco to meet Wonita, a good friend from Alabama.

Tour pictures
(just a few until now)

In San Francisco was also the beginning of my "Goldrush" Suntrek-Tour along the West coast and back to Las Vegas.