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Schulze Zumkley
Stand: 9.1.2000

A few Pictures from Alabama

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Dinner at Bob's Dinner with Prof. Bob Robicheaux
(Redmer, Bob, Alexander)
International Rotary Reception and BBQ
Capstone International Lunch,
picture in front of the University Club
(?, ?, Phillip (Germany), Eriko (Japan), Karen (Australia), Dr. Ed Mosley (Capstone Int. Program), Silke (Germany), Yuki (Japan), Redmer (Germany), ?, Yukari, Yumiko (all Japan))
Redmer's birthday Redmer's birthday
(Eriko (Japan), Barbara (Mexico), Alex, Wonita (Alabama), Redmer, Monica (Brasil))
Meeting at Uta's
(Uta, Werner, Stephan, Alex (all Germany), Monica, Redmer, Juan (Mexico), Assis (Brasil))
Smile - Rotary House Party
(Alex, Monica, Redmer)
At the front desk in Friedman Hall
(Cardell, Athena (both Alabama), Redmer, Wonita, Stephan, Werner)
Eriko and Alexander watching football
A Halloween party
(?, ?, ?, ?, Wonita, Redmer, ?)
Dinner at H. Barron's House
(? and his wife, Redmer, H. Barron, Alexander, Mrs. Barron)

  10/97 Alexander Schulze Zumkley and Redmer Luxem, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.